Add 83,092 icons in your product

Enrich your product with a growing collection of curated vector icons. Get up to speed with our straight-forward API integration and simple pricing.


Growing icon collection

Our collection of high quality free vector icons is growing over time, adding more and more value to the API.

Super fast

The application is running on a globally distributed "serverless" infrastructure, optimised for speed and efficiency.

Multiple formats and sizes

Convert and resize all the icons on the fly, by adding simple request parameters to your API calls.

Uptime guaranteed

The API architecture and our "serverless" setup ensures maximum uptime and performance.

Always-improving search

We are improving our indexing and search algorithms all the time, which directly benefits the search API results.

Straight-forward integration

We try to keep the API simple and easy to implement and our documentation always up to date.


Still in Beta, so expect updates and changes. Your feedback is welcome!


A welcome response with some stats and links to navigate the API.


The icons, matching the search_query string, filterable by style. Showing 96 results per at a time, use the offset parameter to paginate


All available icon sets with their meta data.


The icon set, identified by iconset_slug. Includes the icon set meta data and the full list of icons.


The icon, identified by iconset_slug and icon_slug. Includes the icon meta data and download URLs for the available formats and sizes.


All available styles with URLs for more details.


The style, identified by style_slug. Includes the style meta data, along with the total numbers of sets and icons.